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Week three of a "One Month to a Custom Home" with Touchstone.

With another week under our belt, the finish line is nearing on our "One Month to a Custom Home". After last weeks progress, we kept busy with some of the smaller details that must be completed at the end of a project. We started the week of with sparkly new appliances being delivered then worked on installing them throughout the week.

Later on, the electricians were on site to start installing light fixtures throughout the house. In the One Month Custom Home Option, the client is able to pick one of two lighting packages. These packages have been carefully pre-selected by Touchstone. One package has a satin nickel finish, and the other is a bronze/black finish (pictured above). For this house, the client went with the bronze/black package to contrast against the grey interior finishes.

A few of the smaller details that were tackled this week include; the installation of door handles, shower door in the ensuite, as well as all bathroom hardware and accessories (gallery above).

We were able to get the garage siding completed this week as well. The eggplant color vinyl siding (on both the house and garage) was a design choice that Touchstone made at the beginning of the build/design process to fit the home's Prairie Style.

*Fun Fact: Darker vinyl colors are generally more expensive to use. An extra additive is introduced at the manufacturing stage to prevent fading in the sun!

Last week we were able to get a really good sense of how the walls were going to look with paint color. This week we had the drywallers come back to do their final inspection, or what we call their check out. We do this after a coat of paint has been applied to the walls, so that it is easier to see any imperfections. Having them come back to do this extra stage ensures that we get the best result possible.

With one full week remaining, we are getting into crunch time to start wrapping this project up. Check back next week to see how things are coming together!

Til next week,

E Birchfield

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