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Week one of a "One Month to a Custom Home" with Touchstone

What makes a home, home? Most people would say family & friends, but when given the chance to infuse one's personal style directly into the space (i.e. paint, finishes) it can definitely help make the space feel like your own. With Touchstone's 'One Month To A Custom Home' we have a client who is getting the opportunity to do just that. With the one month option, Touchstone does all the heavy lifting of getting the house ready to a certain stage and then we go looking for a buyer. The buyer then gets to pick the finishing details including; flooring, paint color, countertops, backsplash, lighting package and more. This opportunity is perfect for people that are looking to add their personal touch without committing themselves to a custom build.

Behind the Scenes

After the sales agreement was made and the contract was signed, we got started with the finish selection. We began with a meeting at the office with Touchstone's designer (moi), the client, and her most trusted friends and family to get started. Three design pallets were pre-selected and ready to pick and choose from. But as with this house, our arm can be twisted sometimes to add a few more options - as long as they are readily available! Take a look at the picture below for what our client landed on, we can't wait to see it all finished!

Time to Share a Secret...

I debated for a long time whether or not to share this info but came to the conclusion that when in honest. While waiting for the paperwork to come through for one thing...we went ahead and got started with ordering all of the finishes and getting the trades started. I know what you're thinking, 'it's going to be over one month by the time the client takes possession!' But be honest, would you have made it this far in the article if I said it was one month and several cheat days to a custom home?! It was a chance we took assuming things would fall together. Would we do it again? Heck yes!! You read the part that we need to finish this in a month right?!

Here are some before pictures of the house, sitting vacant and waiting for a client to come along and make the selections.

Now we are 1 week in and the site has been abuzz with activity all week long! Countertops went in on Monday (we had them pre-templated after the cabinets went in), and all of the flooring tile and backsplash was finished up by the end of the week, Friday (today). The painting is coming along well with a full weekend planned by our dedicated painter. We were able to get a good start on the front deck as well.

Check out the progress pics below.

1 week into the custom home finish.

We are so happy to see the progress coming along on site, and are looking forward to a busy week next week. It's looking great and we hope the client will be as happy with their choices as we are!

We will be breaking ground on more 'Benchmark' style houses like this soon and they may be your opportunity to try the 'One Month to a Custom Home' experience. Be sure to check out our Inventory Page on our website to see what we have to offer in Brighton.

Til next week,

E Birchfield

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